The Magic That Was McDonald's

When I was a child, McDonald's seemed like the best place in the world to eat! It was fun and exciting. I just loved all the characters; Ronald, Hamburglar and Grimace. I remember being so envious of my 2 friends that got to have their birthday parties at McDonald's. Not that I knew then I was envious, it was more like, "Wow! a party at Mcdonald's?! How neat! I wish I could have a party at Mcdonald's!"

Birthday parties at McDonald's in 1981 included a tour of the kitchen, a happy meal for each kid, and a whole bunch of McDonald's brand stuff. There was no Playland, yet, and the McNugget craze wouldn't hit for another couple of years. It was just simple burgers and fries, but there was something magical about it, and I loved it!

Things have changed so much since then. Eating at restaurants has just become a natural part of our fast paced lives. Even restaurants that used to seem like such a fancy treat, (Remember dressing up to go to Olive Garden?) have become a place to just stroll into in shorts and flip flops. I'm certainly not saying I want to go back to dressing up to go out to dinner. I just get a little nostalgic for the simpler time of childhood. I want to find the magic again...

Anyone for a party at McDonald's?!

♪magic magic magic, I got the magic in me♪ (B.O.B.)

This was written from the prompt: Write about your favorite place to eat as a child. at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop


  1. We went to McDonald's all the time when I was a child. To this day I still only eat a fish sandwich and fries. I stopped eating the apple pie when they started the whole baking is better than frying nonsense. Um, not regarding a McDonald's pie, it's not!

  2. I went to a few McD's parties as a kid and remember thinking how cool they were. Can't imagine trying that these days- kids would be like okay, what else are we doing?


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