Music Monday, Colorful Music

It's Music Monday! This weeks's theme is songs or bands with colors in the title. There was just so many great bands and songs to choose from. I decided to just stick with bands with colors in their name. These are just a few that I like.

Warning this is not radio censored!

Have a musical Monday!



  1. Great choices! Pink is one of my favorites! I don't see now I missed her. Thanks for posting her for me! YOU SO ROCK & Thanks for playing along with us today! Have a great day!

  2. Pink Floyd would have to be my fave of your picks! Your other selections are new to me. Thanks for the music education. It was fun dancing with you! =D

  3. Great picks, my friend, but I especially love your two pink picks. ;-)

  4. Great music choices!

    Thanks for rocking in with us today!

  5. Your first video made me very sad and reminded me of my husband... is that weird? All great picks though!


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