Music Monday, Old Music for A New Year

Happy New Year and Happy Music Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I hope you're ready for a fabulous year. Let's kick it off with some light music. Today's theme is duets.

First off, a little morning duet with my daughter and her dorm roomie. When they're not studying, they're making videos for their you tube channel. Their silliness makes me smile.

I just adore this next one from an American Tale. I used to try to get my sister to learn a little song and dance act to this, but I was 12 and she was 5, and it just never came out the way I imagined it in my head. Our audience of stuffed animals still appreciated it, though. And, thinking on it now, I can't help but smile.

Sticking with songs that make me smile; a duet from Annie. I just love Carol Burnett! "Why didn't you say so in the first place?! Swine!"



  1. Your daughter & friend is too funny & I love love "Annie" & Carol Burnett. Great choices. Happy New Year. & have a great day. & thanks for playing along with us. See you next time.

  2. The song from American Tale was so good! It reminds me of being a kid and loving that movie.

  3. Your videos made me smile too! Oh, to be young,silly and have fun!!

    Happy New Year

  4. This first video is the best. So fun and great way to start Happy New Year!

  5. Your daughter and her roomie are quite fun :)

    Love your music selections.

    Thank you for joining with us today.

    Happy new Year!

  6. Your daughter and friend cracked me up!
    ~Naila Moon

  7. How completely adorable are your daughter and her friend, thanks for sharing that.
    I LOVE the American Tale song, I can picture the scene from the movie and I adore Dom Delouise's voice in the movie.
    Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy new yaer! HUGGLES!


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