Aloha Friday, Would you feed your pets food from a stranger?

Happy Aloha Friday! Today I'd like your opinion on pets.

The other day, I came home to find a large bag of dog food in front of my garage. My initial thought was that my couponing neighbors next door left it for us, but there was no note, it's not a name brand, and it was already opened. My daughter quickly declared that it’s open food from a stranger, so there is no way we are feeding it to our dogs! (We have a Labrador with a large bark, so her theory is the neighbors poisoned it, to not have to hear him bark anymore.) I have mixed feelings on it. On one hand I think some neighbor may have lost their own dog, (reason why it’s opened) and knew we had dogs so they left it for us out of kindness. But, the other possibility is that my daughter is right. Our dogs are like family. Just like I wouldn’t feed my child food left on the porch by a stranger, I don’t think I want to feed my dogs this food. What do you think?

So, that’s my question of the day: Would you feed your pets a bag of opened food, if you didn’t know where it came from?

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  1. I definitely wouldn't - if it were from a friendly stranger, at the very minimum they would've or should've left a note. If it were an unopened bag, sure, but since it's open? No way. Of course part of that is based on years ago someone tried to poison our St. Bernard. So I'm always going to be suspicious. :)

    There's an App for that

  2. Not a chance! I wouldn't eat something that was left on my porch so I wouldn't give it to my pets either. Our pets are like family members to us and I would like to keep them around for a while.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  3. No, I can understand the mixed feelings. I've passed on open food to a friend if my dog wouldn't eat it, but always after first discussing. You could always put it up and see if someone stops back by in the next day with more of an explanation?

    Where I live, there was recently a man arrested for setting bear traps in parks, in the hopes of dogs being caught in them (Sadly there were two that did). With my lil' furry ones, you just can't be too safe!

  4. No, I would not use it. If I did not know where it came from I would note chance it. I would hold it in case someone told me soon after the fact.

  5. I wouldn't. You just never know these days.


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