Free Disney Tickets?!

We didn’t have much money when my girls were small, but we wanted to make the most of what we had and give our oldest a special 5th birthday. We saved up for months for a day at Disney. We had just enough money to pay for 4 1 park tickets, and food for the day. But, if hubby and I shared meals, we may be able to get the birthday girl a small souvenir of her day. No matter what, it was going to be a special day for her and her younger sister.
We made the hour drive to Kissimmee…parked the car…got on the tram…and approached the gates.

A Disney employee greeted us, “Good morning” she said.

“Good morning,” we replied.

“Are you from Wisconsin?” (My husband was wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey.)

We explained that he grew up in a family of Packers fans, and we were over from Tampa for the day.

She then asked us if we had tickets, yet.

We didn’t.

She said “I’m given so many free passes each year, and I’d like to give you my free passes for the day.”

Wait! What?! What’s the catch?! Is there some kind of timeshare tour I have to do?!

We skeptically followed her to the gate, and she handed us 4 park-hopper passes.

I waited for the catch, the scam, the credit card application, there had to be something to this! You don't just get FREE Disney tickets!

But, there was no catch…She was from Wisconsin, and simply chose us because my husband happened to put on his Packers jersey that day.

Because of this little bit of luck, and the kindness of a stranger…

We were able to give our girls the experience of all 3 parks (this was pre-Animal Kingdom)

We ate any snack we wanted (including those mickey mouse ice cream bars)

And, the girls got extra special souvenirs of the day!

After all these years, I can’t help but tear up thinking about this day. We were so lucky to be in the right place at the right time, with my husband wearing the right shirt, and most importantly, we were lucky that a Disney employee, truly wanted to make it a special day for us. For her and that lucky day, I will always be grateful.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-ay my oh my what a wonderful day♪

Mama’s Losin’ It

This post was inspired by Mama Kat's writing prompt: A poem about a time you got lucky, okay so it's not a poem...