Duck Tape Makes Everything Better

I have a storage bench that I keep in my bedroom. It's great for storing all my costume pieces for parade season. But, thanks to these guys, it's not so great to look at.

I don't want to get rid of it, because it still works. I just want it to be prettier!

The answer?

Now, Thanks to Duck tape, I can keep using it a bit longer, and I have a new fun look in the bedroom!

♪It's mine, mine all mine♪ (Jane's Addiction)


  1. I have two "troublemakers" that look just like yours---a black lab and a beagle/hound mix. So, what I'm saying is: I feel your pain! :)

  2. Wow designer duct tape very cool, haven't seen that before I want some!

  3. Duct tape is awesome!

    My daughter and I like to make wallets, purses and tote bags out of duct tape! :)

  4. I agree! We have So much duct tape in the house! My daughter made a whole dress for a "duct tape ball" last year. Stumbling your post!

    Take care!


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