Music Monday, Have you heard the Alabama Shakes, yet?!

It's Monday, and that means music! I had a great weekend. Both my girls walked the 5k for Moffitt Cancer Center with me, and on Sunday we went to the beach, then came home and watched Dirty Dancing, and The Vow. A perfect weekend!

Now, let's get this week started!

Up first, is some country. This is an artist that's new to me. I'm grateful to a friend for telling me about this guy. He has a great voice, and this is a real fun song, if you're a classic country lover like me. Here's Ray Scott singing "My Kind of Music."

I expect to hear a lot about this band, Alabama Shakes. They are soulful, bluesy, rockin, southern, and I just love 'em. This is from their debut album Boys and Girls. It is "Hold On" and I just know you're gonna love it!

This video just cracks me up! It starts off just really pretty, but then it gets well, a little crazy. Is it wrong that they remind me of my girls?! My girls don't fight this bad, but those facial expressions! Thankfully they now get along, but there was a time...woo... glad that's over! Enjoy "Sail" by AWOLNATION. and the unofficial video by Nanalew