An Aloha Friday Rant, What's Bugging You?

Happy Aloha Friday!

 I've got a few things irritating me today, and I know venting them to you will get it off my chest and make my Friday so much more relaxed. And that's what Aloha Friday is all about, relaxing...

So here goes, my Aloha Friday Rant, or a list of things irritating me,  right now! It's short, I promise.

Rollercoaster airfares: Even with following the when to buy/how to save rules, it’s still a gamble. I bought tickets to NYC for BlogHer12 in August, for what I thought was a good deal in February, though higher than in January, and now I could save $150 on 1 ticket! But, If I hadn’t bought airfare may have doubled!

Airline change fees: see Rollercoaster airfare and know that it would cost me $150 to change said ticket!
Giveaways/Sweepstakes in which the company doesn’t actually provide the prize: I won a new phone from Samsung and T-mobile. I responded with info. They responded with timeframe to expect the phone, (2 weeks.) 8 Weeks later, I still haven’t received it! And, worse, no one will respond to tell me if it’s been sent yet! Is it lost or have you just not sent it?!

Clothes: the ones that fit too big yesterday but are too tight today. What's up with that?!

Chores: They don't do themselves, and the kids don't do them without being asked.

There! Thanks for listening! I feel better already.


What's bugging you lately?

Answer in a comment, and make sure to check out An Island Life for more Aloha Friday questions.

♪I've got you under my skin♪ (Frank Sinatra)


  1. The same things that bug you are bugging me - and don't get me started on the airline roller-coaster fares - one of the reasons we're subjecting ourselves to driving from PA to Seattle for our vacation this year to visit family there. Even taking 2 cars and with the gas prices, the total cost will be less than half of what it would cost if we flew out - sure, we'll have less time there, but at least we'll have more fun with less hassle for the traveling part. And get to see cool things along the way. ;)

    The Bee Incident

  2. Today I have a sick whiny husband... relaxing Friday not today :(

  3. I'm sick and tired of practicing physicians. Does anyone know a real doctor because I'm tired of these guys just practicing on me!!!

  4. CAPTCHA and commercials on TV

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Air travel is RIDICULOUS! I made a very very stupid error in book my ticket to Florida last month. Somehow I selected the return date for a full month after the date I needed to come home. Of course I didn't realize that until about 30 minutes after everything was paid for and done. I called customer service and it DID cost me $150 more and it hadn't even been 24 hours. I detest making stupid mistakes that cost me a ton of money!

  6. Slow moving vehicles ie. doing a 30 in a 55. Yes slow!
    People who find an excuse for everything. I mean everything single thing! Then why ask my opinion then eh.


    I hope you do get to relax abit


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