When Plants Learn to Talk, I'll learn to Feed them!

I'm not a gardener. I don't have a green thumb. Quite honestly, your plants may very well be in grave danger if they are anywhere near me! Seriously!

See the problem with plants are they don't jump, scream, cry, bark, or holler to remind you that they need to eat. If they could just do that, then they might    might    be okay,  hmmm   maybe. But they don't they just sit there and fade off into the oblivion of my mind, and to there certain death.

Last year when I had surgery, a friend sent me a very nice plant to cheer me up. She chose a plant rather than flowers so it could keep on bringing me joy. That's the concept of dish gardens right? They're like a little garden in a dish that you can care for. Yeah, I got some of those from friends, too; they didn't make it. Again, not a gardener of any kind dish or otherwise!

So, the plant. It was gorgeous. I loved it     right up until I no longer had to stay in bed, but it didn't get up and follow me to the living room. It didn't yell "pick me up, take me with you!" It just sat there in the bedroom until it dried up and I threw it outside for it to live out it's last days in the sun.

But then


Hubby got a hold of it, and apparently

he     has a green thumb!

Look at it now!

This post was written from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt Do you have a green thumb?


  1. Yay for the pretty plant! I generally kill everything that can't yell at me, too! Dropping by from Mama Kat's workshop. :)

  2. I'm hit or miss with plants. Some I've had for years, and some it takes mere months to kill. I've had some of my best luck with sunflowers outside, though. Plant a few mammoth sunflower seeds and see what an awesome gardener you'll feel like! (don't forget to water them!)

  3. My indoor plant needs to talk to me...scream at me cuz I always forget about it!! lol I'm a bad house plant owner! Looks like your hubs has the touch!


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