Music Monday, Living in America

Happy Music Monday! It's only a couple days until we celebrate our nation's independence. I hope everyone has great plans for enjoying the 4th. And, of course, I hope you have great music to listen to! Because celebrations are just so much better with music!

Whatever you are doing for the holiday, be sure to take a moment to appreciate your freedoms. We don't always agree politically, but it is because of our freedoms that we are able to express our beliefs and our disagreements.

In honor of the holiday, here's some songs about America and American life. Have a great week. Be fun and be safe!



  1. Oh wow, I think James Brown was the best one, but they're all great, but I don't think I've ever heard the U2 song. Thanks for playing along with us, and don't forget to enter our give-aways for our 100th wk. celebration. Have a happy and safe fourth.

  2. I had not heard the first one at all before.
    I have got to go with Dolly on this one and say James Brown was just awesome!
    ~Naila Moon

  3. These are AWESOME patriotic picks! I really, really loved that U2 song. Have a happy 4th, my friend. :-)

  4. James Brown had me booging in my chair this morning. The U2 selection is new to me, but definitely nice. I just love the beautiful harmony of Simon & Garfunkel and what a great pick with their song, America. Great! Shooter Jennings is new to me period, but I enjoyed this song! Thanks for continuing to link up with us each week. Let freedom rock n' roll forever! ^.^

  5. These were so great, I haven't heard them in a long while, forever for the Simon and Garfunkel,love them :)

  6. These were all so wonderful songs for our Patriotic Hop today. Just loved them all, especially Simon and Garfunkel. I haven't listened to them in a long time.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  7. I agree with you. We should always take time to value the freedoms we have as citizens. So many other countries natives do not have such.

    Love your music!

  8. What an amazing eclectic group of songs. I loved them all... but my favorite was Simon & Garfunkel's. They have been one of my favorite groups since I was a kid. So wish I could have seen them perform live together.
    Good luck with the giveaways, you are a great supporter of ours and we truly appreciate it. =)
    Have a wonderful Independence Day with your family.


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