This is a drink you can't get elsewhere; it's Free at Starbucks on Friday.

Yes, this is coffee, but you wouldn't know it by it's taste. Starbucks Refreshers are made from green coffee beans, so they are packed with energy without the coffee flavor. I tried these last year at BlogHer in San Diego, and was immediately in love. Unfortunately, I've had to wait a whole year to be reunited with this love as they have just now hit the National market. This is the perfect Summer drink for the person that doesn't like coffee, or anyone looking for an ice cold light fruity refeshment.

My favorite is the Berry Hibiscus with real blackberries, but it's also available in Cool Lime. I'm not a lime drinker, so I can't tell you how that one tastes. Trust me on this you'll want to try these.

On Friday the 13th, you can get a tall one, (that's small for non Starbucks patrons,) for FREE between Noon and 3:00. No catch, just Free so make sure you give it a try!

I wasn't compensated in anyway for this, I just really like it, and think you will, too!

♪fresh, exciting, it's so exciting to me♪

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  1. Awesome! I LOVED these when I tried them last year. Like you, I didn't try the lime, but the berry one was addicting! I was told they weren't coming back into the Starbuck's locations anymore, so I'm excited to see that the information I got was WRONG!


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