We'll Need to Work on this Attention Thing.

My mother has never been very patient with animals. Heck, for that matter, she was never very patient with kids! Naturally, when she recently got a puppy, I was more than a little surprised.

She certainly doesn't have the patience, or energy it takes for a puppy!

But, I can understand that she wants some company. She recently had to put down her old Lab Mix, so she was certainly sad from this. I think she was looking to fill the void, and find some companionship. The dog could provide a sense of protection on the nights that she's all alone, so I kind of understand.

Then, I found out what type of dog it is.

A Jack Russell Terrier?! What is she thinking?! Oh, it's an adorable dog, so I can understand falling in love with it, but a Jack Russell requires so much time. This is a HYPER dog! This isn't a chill out on the couch while you watch TV, kind of dog. A Jack Russell needs ATTENTION...ALL THE TIME!

Past experiences have left me feeling like this is a bad idea, but, what am I gonna do? I ask her if she knows how much attention they require. She says she does, so...

So, I go to visit her and the new dog. He is like a ping pong ball bouncing all over the place! He has an accident, but my mom handles it pretty well. She didn't even get angry with him. Maybe, this isn't so bad.

She tells me all about how nice and calm the dog is in the morning when he wakes up, and how when she comes home from work, he is crazy hyper.

I tell her "That's because he's happy to see you and wants to play."

She says, "Yeah, I know. I put him outside and give him his ball. He can play all he wants."

Um, yeah...

♪to admit we don't see eye to eye♪ (Mike and the Mechanics)


  1. We are looking at having to put down our lab mix soon. Her quality of life is just not great. I'd like to have another pet but I do NOT want to headache of a puppy. Mercy...a Jack Russel? Heh...that like a wind up toy on speed!

  2. JR's are known for that indeed.

    Have a great WW!


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