I'm too tired to write, let's just link up an old post.

Welcome to Life Music Laughter, home of Tuesdays Gone with Amethyst Moon (that's me!)

Wow! What a whirlwind BlogHer was! I think I had somewhat of a BlogHer hangover, and it resulted in me getting absolutely nothing done on Monday. Not even my usual Monday music post. Yikes! I will soon be sharing pictures of New York and some thoughts on BlogHer, but right now, I'm exhausted! So, let's just all take a break and link up some great old posts.

With so many blog posts going up everyday, I'm sure there's some great stuff out there that has just been forgotten, or maybe some stuff that just didn't get much attention the first time around.  So, Tuesdays Gone is a way to bring your old post back into the light. I can't wait to see what you have that I might have missed the first time around.  Let's support each other by bringing new attention to these old posts with this blog hop.

It's great looking at old posts and remembering those moments when you first wrote it.  What will you be reminded of when you look through your old posts?!

 So, here's the rules:

Just link up an old post, and help spread the word, so more people will link up. Visit some of the other posts and leave some comment love, maybe pin it or tweet it. Then come back, every Tuesday, and do it again! Happy Hopping!

Tuesdays gone with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

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