Aloha Friday, You Can't Do it All!

I knew going to school, working, and trying to keep up with my blogs would be difficult, but wow! I was doing pretty well with my time management right up until our Labor Day weekend vacation. Then came all the homework I had to catch up on that I didn't do while on vacation, studying for my first Algebra test, (by the way I got a 95% on!! Yippee!!) bringing my daughter items that she forgot when moving back into the dorm, trying to keep up at work, and finalizing the details on the next vacation at the end of September for another cousins wedding! Phew! It's been crazy around here! In fact, I never even saw the finale for Hell's Kitchen because TV was the first thing to go from my busy schedule.

When life gets you too busy, what's the first thing you give up?

Put your hands in the air if you hear me out there, I've been looking for you day and night♪ (Shinedown)