Music Monday, Let's Hear From the Guys

It's Monday!! Holy Crap! How did Monday get here so fast?! It seems like it was just Friday a couple of blinks ago! Well alright then, it's Monday so let's get some music going in here!

No theme today, just some good tunes, old and new! Enjoy!

Here's a new one from Robbie Williams ♪if you don't feel good what are you doing it for?♪

Have a happy week full of music!!



  1. All new ones except for Train. I really like those guys! Have a rockin week & thanks for rockin' with us once again!

  2. I have heard Train's song before but the other ones were new to me. Maroon 5's video was hot!
    Great picks!
    ~Naila Moon

  3. huge crush on Adam Levine great song this one and train Drops of Jupiter has to be one of my top favorites by them so beautifully written and sung

    Come Say HI

  4. LOVE Maroon 5 and Train! I hadn't heard the Robbie Williams one - I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for playing along! :)

    Jambalaya Wanted Fake I.D. to Party Like Cowboyz - but Don't You Worry Child, Take These Things To Heart remembering Ronan

  5. Firs time with that Maroon one.
    I've always loved Drops of Jupiter!!

    Love your list!

    Have a great week!

  6.,hot, hot......but the new Robbie one is just fun, fun, fun! love em both!
    Hubby thinks Drops of Jupiter is "our" song. sigh. he's hopeless, seriously.

  7. Lovin' your freebie picks this week. I bet you thought I forgot about you, huh? Nah, I'm just dancing a little late, but the fun thing is we can party all week long here on Monday's Music Moves Me, right?


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