Music Monday, Twins of Evil

It's Halloween week and what better way to celebrate than with the Twins of Evil?!

I saw Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson over the weekend. Both men put on a great theatrical production, but Zombie definitely stole the show! This was my third timing seeing Zombie, and he always puts on an amazing show with lights, pyro, and creepy monsters all tied together with hard hitting beats. It was a blast!

And, when Zombie walked through the crowd, he was only 3 feet from my daughter and I!! AWESOME!!

Get up out of your seat and enjoy some music from the Twins of Evil. Have a great week and a happy Halloween!



  1. Oh my gosh, this theme is giving me the creeps. spooky picks.

  2. These rockers are totally creepy looking. I'm with Amanda on being spooked! Thanks for dancing with us this week on 4M Halloween Theme Party!

  3. Twins of evil, huh. It is certainly their time of year to shine! hehe Didn't I hear Marilyn Manson went straight & isn't performing anymore? hmmm Don't remember his song either, but it sure is different, but again right time of year, perfect choice. Okay then Rob Zombie is another one I haven't heard of but he sure does ROCK! HAPPY HALLOWEEN & thanks for rockin' out with us!

  4. Spooky!

    Thanks for rocking out!

    Happy Monday!


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