No More Little Notes on My Door!

A couple weeks ago, my computer gave me a dreaded error; the failure of my hard drive is imminent. What?! No! I can't live without my computer!! I have online classes to take, homework to do, and of course, blogging and sweeping! I'd be lost without it!

So, I decided to order a new computer, (with the monthly payment option of QVC, this worked out better than fixing my old one, right now, and I needed a second one.) I should have had the computer a week ago, but it was shipped late. So, of course, after waiting an extra week, we returned home on Friday to a nice note from UPS. We had just missed them, and would now have to wait until Monday for delivery.

I could have avoided this if I had signed up for UPS My Choice, months ago when my friends did. Well, I'm signed up now. UPS will now alert me when a package will be delivered, and if I'm not going to be home, I can arrange another delivery time. And, it's FREE!

No more little notes for me!

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