Free Hand Cream from MinuteClinic

Here's a great freebie from CVS MinuteClinic. Free hand lotion! The freebie goes live to the public tomorrow at 9:00 am, but until then, you can access it through this exclusive link: Click here  Just submit your e-mail and they'll send you a coupon to take to CVS for your free hand cream.

It's an app on Facebook, so unfortunately it won't let you use a phone, but use a computer, and the free gift is yours!

Here's some great tips from MinuteClinic on how to use your hand cream this Winter:

The Best Winter Uses for Hand Cream

1. Stop static cling. Rub a few drops of cream evenly on your palms, then lightly wipe over your blouse or skirt to remove static cling. Awkward sticking, begone!

2. Tame flyaways. Give stubborn strands a light pat down with lotioned hands to keep flyaways under control.

3. Shine your shoes. Put a drop or two of cream onto a soft cotton cloth, then gently work it into leather shoes. Hello shiny!

4. Heel replenishers. Why splurge on a pedicure when sandal season is so far away? Heal dry, cracked feet while you sleep by applying cream to them, then putting on thick socks and wearing overnight. You'll wake up soft & moisturized from heel to toe.

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