Really?! A Book Remake?! Why?!

I think every child has a favorite book. For me, it was The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas. It didn't matter if it was the middle of Summer, I loved that book. It was a story of a mommy dog and her little puppies. The puppies escape under a fence to go explore the forest, but the littlest one (the Poky Little Puppy,) gets caught going under the fence, and gets left behind. He eventually catches up and just in time to get the Christmas tree decorated with his siblings and the help of some other animals. It is a very sweet book. Unfortunately, I haven't found it anywhere!

Today, I was in Barnes & Nobles, and I saw this:

I picked it up and nearly knocked my daughter over with excitement! Then I started reading it...

Wait a minute! This isn't it! That's the Poky Little Puppy on the cover...and it says "First Christmas" but it's not the same story! This one has people in it! And, there's no tree decorated with berries! What is this?! 

I've heard of remaking movies, but a book?! What was wrong with the original?! Why change it? It was a perfect story. I'm so disappointed. It was like someone gave me a box of chocolate caramels that ended up really being filled with fruit creams! Yuck! What a rip off!

So, the hunt continues for The ORIGINAL Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas!

♪I don't want to have to look very much further♪ (Whitney Houston, yes the lyrics are wrong, that's how they played out in my head)

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