Wordless Wednesday, Best Meal of 2012

Keeping this as wordless as possible, with pictures of my best meal from 2012. I had  many good meals, but this one, this one just sticks out as the best. Nothing too fancy, just simple food in a great atmosphere, with the best company!

It was at the Lobster Shanty in Salem, MA, and it was delicious!

Black peppercorn and sesame encrusted blue cheese burger

Harvest ale

Guinness marinated beef tips sandwich with smoked gouda

I can't wait to see where 2013 takes me, and what food I'll eat there!

♪As long as I've got me a place to sleep, clothes on my back and some food to eat, I can't ask for anything more♪ (Frank Turner)


  1. Wow...I am going to have to take a break and eat. This looks delicious and the last 2 posts I read were about food too!

    I'm hungry. Thanks for dropping by to visit me and Mollipop. She loves visitors and so do I!

    Happy New year!!:-)

  2. yummy! now, i'm hungry! :). good food for New year! :)

    here. **Rebecca **


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