Music Monday, This is F*cking Awesome!

It's the Monday after Superbowl, and if you're like me, you are TIRED! So let's get some music on to get us up and moving! It's Music Monday!!!

This one comes with a warning... It is not for your little one's ears. This is the warning that CBS wasn't able to give after the Superbowl... Someone will yell "This is F*cking AWESOME!" and I'm not gonna lie I may just yell that when I get a great win!!

Have a F'ing Awesome week!!

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  1. HAHAHA This is too funny! My DIL came in yesterday & she was singing this song. I told her what the heck are you singing & she sang louder! I laughed my butt off. Thanks for the warning too! I'm sure Mom's with little kiddies running around appreciate it too! Totally musiclicious! :) You're ROCKIN' now girl!!! Thanks for rockin' with us! Love the last line LMAO

  2. I haven't heard any of them but I can certainly say, they were (f-bomb here) AWESOME! LOL

  3. That song is really something isn't it? :)

    Thanks for rocking out girl!

  4. WOW, two of your songs were put up by other Monday's Music Moves Me dancers this week. That's so interesting for freebie week, don't you think? lol Thanks for dancing with us & I'm sorry for hopping by so late. Have a musical weekend!


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