Music Monday, Vegas Baby!

Happy Music Monday! I'm heading to Las Vegas on Wednesday. So, I figured why not some Vegas themed music for this week?! So here we go!

Don't worry, I won't be taking any shots on the rooftop. :)

Have a musiclicious week, and make sure to head over to Xmas Dolly's for more Music Monday fun!

Wordless Wednesday, Dog Discovers Pool

We recently moved to a new house.
With this new house came a pool.
My girls threw their rubber duckies in the pool.
My dog has never seen a pool.
He saw the rubber duckies in the pool.

He fell in the pool.

♪Splish Splash I was taking a bath♪ (Bobby Darin)

Music Monday, Feeling Down

I haven't been feeling well, so I'm late with my Music Monday post which is really sad because I picked the theme.  How appropriate that the theme is the Blues or songs that make you sad.

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Dropkick Murphys Provide Soundtrack for Latest Pirate Adventure

You know how much I love good music, and I love pirates. I am in a Tampa pirate Krewe, after all! So, I was so excited to see the new Captain Morgan commercial. The song in the commercial is Prisoner's Song by Dropkick Murphys. It is from their newest album Signed and sealed in Blood and is the perfect song for Captain Morgan. I just saw the Dropkicks in St. Pete. As always, they put on a great show full of energy. If you get the chance to see them in concert, Do it! They are Wicked awesome!

Check out this commercial, I'm sure it will make you want to throw on a corset, wave your Jolly Roger flag, and throw back some Captain Morgan rum. (My favorite is coconut. Yum!)

Watch for Chapter 2 and 3 later in 2013. Keep up with Captain Morgan's adventures on Facebook.

Want more of the Dropkick Murphys? Listen to SIGNED and SEALED in BLOOD It is a great album all the way through!

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Music Monday, Getting Dirty

Happy Music Monday! I hope you all had a wicked lovely weekend! I certainly did! I went to the movies, had a great parade, and got my Irish on! It was a fabulous weekend!

Now let's get our music on and get this week started off right...with some dirty beats!

I hope you have a great week where everything you hear is music to your ears!

Make sure to head over to Xmas Dolly's for some more music and good times.

Publix $5 Gift Card Rebate, Plus $25 Giveaway

It never fails at my house that I get all our grocery shopping done, and then I realize that I forgot something. The good news for me is we have a Publix right by my house. So I can run in real quick, get what I need and get back to enjoying our new home. And, with Publix prices I know I'm always going to find great savings!

From March 14th through March 20th, look for the Running Out? Run In. event at Publix to take advantage of great savings on some favorite brands from General Mills and Procter &  Gamble, like Cheerios, Totino´s Pizza, Charmin and Crest. Plus, if you buy $25 of participating items during this event, you can mail in to receive a $5 Publix gift card to use on your next shopping trip! To download the rebate form head to

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna stock up on some Multi-Grain Cheerios, and Totino's pizza, 2 favorites in my house! With this rebate, and the great Publix savings, this is a wicked lovely deal!

Thanks to General Mills, someone will win a $25 Publix gift card. Enter to win in the form below. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The information, products and General Mills gift pack were provided by General Mills and Publix® through MyBlogSpark

Wordless Wednesday, Hot Pink Shoes

One of the worst things about having a bad back...

...I can't wear these awesome pink shoes!

I found these hot new styles at TJ Maxx. I so wish I could wear them! Especially those black and white heels with the pink ankle strap! HOTT!!

♪feeling hot hot hot♪  (Buster Poindexter)

Olay Total Effects Review, $25 Walmart Giveaway

At the end of this post you can enter to win a $25 Walmart gift card, but first, let me tell you what you're probably going to want to buy with it!

I'm very particular about my skin care because despite being 38 years old, my face seems to get confused and thinks it's a teenager with full on acne. When my skins not too oily, it's too dry, not to mention pores that are large enough to park a small car in! Oh, and did I mention that I'm starting to get wrinkles! Nothing major just a few fine lines, but that's how it thing you know I'll be pulling my hair back just to pull my skin tight!

Anyway, when I heard about Olay Total Effects CC cream, I was more than a little skeptical , but I figured why not give it a try. I'd use it for a couple days and then give it to a friend because I knew I wouldn't like it. I was SO WRONG!  I've now been using it for 3 weeks, and you'd have to pry it out of my hands to take it away! I love it! And more importantly my pores like it!

I can really see improvement in my skin. It's smoother, tighter, my pores are smaller, and the color, wow! Most of my redness is gone, and even when I don't have it on! And the best part is when I'm wearing it, it doesn't feel heavy, and NO BREAKOUTS! Not a 1!

I just put it on in the morning in the place of my normal foundation, and then put my powder over it. I've even left the house in just it. Well I mean, I had clothes on, of course, just no other makeup, because of the natural tint, you don't need it. Oh, and ladies this isn't one of those tints that makes you look like an oompa loompa, it is very natural.

Olay really helps me look and feel my best, and you can try it to if you win the $25 Walmart Gift card giveaway. You can enter below, but first read the official info: It really is very cool!

Introducing Beauty’s Next Big Trend! Olay CC Cream provides instant Coverage plus Correction to fight 7 signs of aging, including uneven tone, age spots, and wrinkles!
This all-in-one triple stream formula combines a daily anti-aging moisturizer, SPF 15 sunscreen and sheer tint for younger-looking skin.
Total Effects fights the 7 signs of aging:
  • Fine lines and wrinkles: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Uneven Tone: balances and helps even out tone 
  • Age Spots: reduces appearance of discoloration 
  • Gentle Exfoliation: Improves surface cell turnover 
  • Dryness: provides nourishing moisturization 
  • Moisture Barrier: strengthens skin’s natural defense against moisture loss 
  • Luminosity: recaptures youthful luminosity 

So, are you ready to go out to Walmart and pick up your own Olay Total Effects CC Cream? I figured you would be!

Just fill out the form below and enter to win. Good luck!

disclosure: I was provided with a free product pack for the purposes of this review along with the information and 2 Walmart gift cards, 1 for myself and 1 to give away. All opinions expressed are my own. NOTE: Olay does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor does it endorse any opinions expressed within this blogsite.

Wicked Lovely Deal, iPad Stylus Plug In $1.49 + Free Shipping

I love finding cool new products and especially cool products with great deals!

Have you ever wished you had a stylus for your iPad, but don't want to worry about carrying one around or losing it in the bottom of your purse?

Then you're gonna love this wicked lovely find from It's a stylus that attaches where your charger goes, and it keeps it dust free. It's only$1.49 with FREE shipping That's 32% off the regular price of $2.19 which is still a really great price!

And, if you use Ebates you'll get 4% cash back!

order in March and save $2 off a $20 purchase with code MAR2M

Check out the site they have a whole section of items under $1.99 including charger cords, and more..

With deals like this, you can get 1 for all your friends!