Retro Big G Cereals are Back! Prize Pack Giveaway

Remember all the fun of breakfast with your favorite cereals when you were a kid? Now you can have it again with "retro" packaging from Big G cereals. Just head over to your local Target and check out all the cool packages from the '60s, '70s, and '80s.

If the "retro" boxes aren't enough to get you excited, how about this? Each box has a coupon for $5 off a Hasbro vintage game!! I just love these games! I own both Scrabble and, thanks to My Blog Spark, I now have Parcheesi. I used to play Parcheesi with my cousins after breakfast on a Saturday morning. What great memories! So much fun! For me, the best part about the Vintage games are that they look like books and sit perfectly on a book shelf.

The thing is, if you want one of these cereals with the retro packaging and $5 Hasbro coupon for the cool vintage games, you need to hurry! They are only available for a limited time.

  • Don’t forget to go online & print a coupon for $1 off 2 General Mills cereals before you head to Target!
  • Collect all 5 different throw-back packages that each include a $5 coupon for these vintage Hasbro® board games; available exclusively at Target® from March 15, 2013 to April 30, 2013 while supplies last. Coupon valid at Target stores from March 15, 2013 to December 31, 2013.
  • Participating Big G cereals include: Cinnamon Toast Crunch® (16.2 oz.), Lucky Charms® (16 oz.), Honey Nut Cheerios® (17 oz.), Cheerios® (18 oz.) and Cocoa Puffs® (16.5 oz.)
  • Participating Hasbro vintage board games: Clue® Vintage, Scrabble® Vintage, Parcheesi® Vintage or Risk® Vintage

You can also enter to win the wicked cool prize pack I received which contains 2 "retro" Big G cereals, vintage Parcheesi and a $10 target card. To enter, just complete the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!

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Disclosure: The prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through My Blog Spark.

Music Monday, Remembering George Jones

Sadly, George Jones has passed, but thankfully, his music will carry on. It's Music Monday, what better than to celebrate the wonderful music of George Jones.

This one is so much fun!

and of course, his signature song...

Thank you George, for these and so many other great songs. RIP

Have a good week and make sure to head over to Dolly's for more Music Monday.

New Monsters University Trailer

I can't wait to see Monsters University! This new trailer is great! It gives a more in depth look at Monster College life with some rockin' music. Take a look at the next great college comedy.

New Iron Man 3 Movie Poster

With just over 2 weeks left until Iron Man 3 opens on May 3, I'm really starting to get excited! Thanks to the Iron Man movies, and the hottie that plays the title character, (Robert Downey, Jr.,) Iron Man has quickly become one of my favorite Superheroes!

Check out the new Lego Version of the Movie Poster. Isn't it so cute?!

These Lego figures are available in sets at a store near you.

♪I am Iron Man♪ (Black Sabbath)

New Wallet in Hot Colors Protects You From Thieves with Latest Technology

As our technology has improved, of course, so has the criminal's. Have you heard the latest way they will steal your money?

They use a scanner that can scan your credit card information right through your purse. This is called RFID scimming. They then duplicate your card, and before you know it, your hard earned money is long gone! The first time I heard about it, was when it happened to a friend of mine. She lost $1500. Luckily the bank credited it back, but not without a hassle...and, she was then stuck with the process of cancelling all of her other credit cards.

The good news is you can protect yourself. an aluminum wallet can block the scanner from stealing your card information. HuMn wallet Minis even come in a wide variety of colors so you can be safe and fashionable.

I was given the poppy red one for this review. I really like the bright color, and I got quite a few compliments while using it. It can hold several cards, and your cash fits perfect under the strap. The best part is that the 2 aluminum plates protect you from electronic theft.

I found that I like using it best when I don't need to have too many things with me. It's perfect to slip in my back pocket with my id, debit card and some cash. This comes in handy for concerts, the park, or just running quickly to the store. It keeps everything together so I don't have to worry about losing anything when I reach into my pocket. 

The only down side is that if you carry a lot of cards, or a check book, you may still need an additional wallet to hold everything. In that case I would recommend using the HuMn Mini for your credit and debit cards and put loyalty cards in the drawstring bag that it comes in. That way you know you'll be protected from thieves with scanners, but still have everything you need. There is also the option of adding a third plate to give you more room, and different colored straps for even more customization.

Ultimately, I really like the HuMn Mini wallet, and it will be my go to wallet for concerts so I can rest my mind that I'm protected, and just enjoy the music.

You can get the hottest spring colors that will protect you and learn more about RFID theft at

I received the product for free to do this review.