$500 Whole Foods Sweepstakes

We've been focusing on eating cleaner, and because of it, I'm happy to say both hubby and I have lost weight. He's lost more than me because he's a guy and you know how guys are it just comes off so easy for them. Okay, and maybe I haven't worked out at all as much as he has. But, still...just by getting rid of all those extra chemicals and processed stuff, I've lost 22lbs! I'm happy with that!

What I'm not happy with is how much more expensive to eat healthier, so I would love to win this $500 Whole Foods Gift card sweepstakes! Oh my gosh, $500 would go a long way. So I entered this sweepstakes from Whole Mom. You have to sign up for the Whole Mom newsletter, but it's free, and I have an extra e-mail account specifically for these types of things. Go enter, and let me know if you win.

Mean while, I'll keep working on my budget because mine and my family's health is worth it!

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