Music Monday, Fun Pop, Weird Miley, and New Country

Happy Music Monday! Let's kick the week off with some fun songs to get us going.

First up, The Remix by NKOTB. I just love this song! It's so fun, and when I hear it, I want to get up and dance. Hubby actually was surprised to say that for the first time he likes a NKOTB song.

This is the latest video from Miley Cyrus. She's definitely not that little Disney girl anymore. I know some people are not happy to see her in this way, and many have complained the video is just gross and vulgar. I just think that's exactly what she's going for. She wants everyone to know that she's grown up and can do what she wants. And, if she were a male hip-hop artist, I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as controversial. Give it a watch, the songs not too bad, and maybe you can just get a good laugh at some of the silly scenes, (like the guy rolling around in the bread.)

And finally, here's a little Country music for you. I heard this band last weekend at a local charity event. They are a Florida band with a great sound. Check 'em out!

Have a musical week and make sure to head over to Xmas Dolly's for more Music Monday fun.


  1. I would expect something like that from Brittany Spears, but Miley Cyrus, a Disney Girl??? What does that tell our children? Tatoos everywhere to me it's just a cry for help. Love the last song although it is new for me. It's definitely cool. Thanks for sharing & joining us today! Have a rockin' week!

  2. I hadn't hear of Clemons Road. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Miley Cyrus really has changed, hasn't she? I was checking out that video this weekend - pretty wild! :) I LOVE that NKOTB song! And I'd never heard of Clemons Road - I'm going to have to check out more of their stuff! Thanks for the intro! :)

    If You Want Some It Goes Like This with a Little Bit Of Everything Blowin’ Smoke in Cups

  4. Thanks for sharing the tunes and rocking with us :)
    I want to listen to this with some base.
    Hope your week goes great!

  5. OK, the Miley one is rather disturbing. I think it is one thing to tell the world you are grown up but another is this? Hmm...
    Anyway, thanks for sharing this week.
    ~Naila Moon

  6. NKOTB tune really surprised me, too. Not the group I remember when my once teenage daughters played their music. Miley is definitely not that little Disney girl anymore, but I think she could choose to do it differently than this. Just saying is all. Clemons Road has a fabulous country rock sound. Thanks for sharing with us the 4M crew!

    The First Day of Summer and Silly Love Song seems right for 4M freebie picks!


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