Music Monday, Rolling Stones Still Going Strong

Happy Music Monday!

Let's talk Rolling Stones...They are by far, my favorite band. Of course, everyone knows they are celebrating 50 years with a tour this year (which, I unfortunately don't get to see.) I can be happy with knowing that I have seen them in concert during that 50 years. It was in 1989, I was 16, and it was the first concert I went to without parents, and Wow! I was hooked!

After that concert I made my grandmother rent every video about the Stones that I could find at the Video Store (remember those? They seem like an ancient memory, now.) My favorite of those rentals was this.

Of the many Rolling Stones songs that I love, Dead Flowers is my favorite. I would have loved to been in Philly last week for this performance with Brad Paisley. Very cool!

And, this past weekend, the Stones finally performed in Glastonbury. I can't wait to see video from that great event.

Have a great week full of music. Check out some more Music Monday at Xmas Dolly's and...
Keep on rocking!

Enjoy life with all it's music, and don't forget to laugh.