Music Monday, Great New Videos to Wake Me Up

It's Monday and that means music! So, let's take a look at some great music videos!

This first one is the latest from Miley Cyrus. With all the controversy about her being naked in this video, I think the quality of the song has been overlooked. Wreckingball hits hard from the heart. It's a beautiful song from a now adult Miley. Let's stop trying to think of her as little Hannah Montana and look at her as the adult artist that she is trying to express herself to be.  I have to say I didn't like much of her younger stuff, but I'm really looking forward to hearing more from this album.

This was a suggestion from my 20 year old daughter. She loves it. I think it's pretty cool, too. What do you think? This song is Royals by Lorde

And finally the perfect pick me up for a Monday morning... Wake Me Up by Avicii I love the sound and beat of this song. It just has such lift and spirit that I can't help but smile when I hear it!

Hope this gets your week off to the great start, and I hope the rest of your week is musical!

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  1. Miley's song is good as long as you do not look at the video. I think it actually is a song about what is going on with her. She has made her point for sure!
    As for the other songs, all great and new to me as well.
    Thanks for your musical reviews today.

  2. Miley's tune/video does prove she has definitely grown up. Your second tune is new for me. The last one if a new one too, but your picks are fab. Thanks for the new tunes to add to my listening pleasure! Have a great day & see ya next week.

  3. I agree Miley definitely made her point good luck to her, the others are new to me too ;-)

    Have a tanfastic week :-)

  4. Miley - the emotion in that song is so raw. so aching. and her being nude shows her vulnerability in expressing that pain. clearly the song is related to the end of her relationship/engagement and how hard the pain hit her -- like a wrecking ball. I think there is more to this young woman than meets the eye. It will be interesting to see how she grows and matures.

  5. First time seeing the wrecking ball. I've heard so much about it.
    I can say, lots of raw passion in the song. It can be for the heart. Yes terribly so.
    The nude part didn't have to happen and it would be easier to be shared to younger versions of listeners.

    Very cool tunes.
    Thanks for rocking!


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