Music Monday, Hang Up the Chick Habit, I'm into You, so Let's Go Berzerk!

It's Music Monday!! You know why I love Mondays? Besides the Music, of course, it's because I don't have to work on Mondays. So while everyone else is starting their week, I get just one more day to relax and get my errands done.

On today's list of things to do is an appointment with the Rheumatologist to see how my new self-injection meds are going, (I don't like 'em). Then, I have to get my blood work done to make sure the chemo pills aren't causing any liver damage. After that, it's a day of doing homework, with a little bit of baking, (zucchini bread, yum!). So, let's see, what songs will go best with today's to do list?

First up is Chick Habit by April March. It's a good song to start the day with a little bit of energy, but not so much that you want to throw the radio across the room :)

Next up to give us an energy lift is Eminem's latest song, Berzerk. (Warning, you might want to have the kids leave the room unless you want your little ones dropping F bombs.)

I just love this song because it describes perfectly how I feel about my husband. Even after 21 years, I'm still very much into him! Still into You by Paramore

Have a happy and musical week!

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  1. Aw I think it is sweet you are still "in" to your hubby. I can relate. All of these songs new to me but rockin'.
    You have a good week.
    btw-you can link up at my blog if you want. Dolly does not have her stuff up yet.


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