A Gorilla Spotted at a Florida Gas Station, Werewolf Babies Waiting to be Adopted, and Other News.

Last weekend, my family and I traveled to Orlando to attend Spooky Empire, a horror convention. We had a great time! One of the best things about this trip, besides meeting Patricia Quinn, was that my husband wore his gorilla costume.

My hubby has wanted a gorilla costume for as long as I can remember, but it always came down to gorilla costume or feed the kids, and well...we like our kids so...

But, this year, this year, we got him the gorilla suit! He couldn't be more excited to have it. And, since we were going to a convention where you are encouraged to wear costumes, he decided to wear it... on the ride there!

Of course, we got a few strange looks, but the strangest was when we stopped for gas, and a man walked up and asked if he could touch him! Who walks up to a stranger and asks to touch them?! I mean if you want to know what an ape suit feels like, go to the costume store! People are strange (said the girl married to the guy pumping gas in a gorilla suit.)

A gorilla at the gas pump

The other thing I have to share about the trip, is this adorable little werepup. A woman was pushing this little girl in a stroller as if she was a real live baby werewolf. I stopped her and asked about it, and she told me about the artist that custom makes these little anatomically correct creatures. No one werepup is the same.

custom made werewolf baby

Now, that you've seen it, if you're dying for a werewolf baby of your own, (and you have $650,) you can find out more about adopting at Facebook.com/werepups

Anybody else singing ♪werewolves of London♪

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