Halloween is for Building Memories

Happy Halloween! I was just talking with a friend about great Halloween memories. From your favorite costumes, to decorating, and those special moments with your kids, all those things make Halloween such a special part of our lives.

One of my favorite costumes was when my mom made me into a baby in a carriage. She used a box around my waste, and blankets to hide my feet. It was so fun because we made it from things we had around the house. I even won $50 in the school costume contest!

Another favorite Halloween memory was trick or treating with my children when we lived in an apartment. Without outdoor lights, it was hard to tell who was handing out candy. We knocked on one guy's door, and he felt so bad about not having candy that he gave the girls pudding and snack cakes. It was so generous of him to do that, and it's something we still smile about, even after all these years.

Halloween is all about the experience whether you're into spooky, or funny, the important part is that you join in on the fun and create memories.

Many people will go to Haunted houses tonight and this weekend, but some of the scariest places in the world are not the staged haunted houses, they are the real haunted places, where the real ghosts and spirits lurk. If this sounds like a place you might want to make memories at check out 7 Terrifying Haunted Places Around the World. If scary travel isn't your thing, maybe you should check it out to make a list of places to avoid. :)

No matter what you're doing for Halloween, I hope it's full of happiness for you and your family.

♪This is Halloween , this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween♪ (Nightmare Before Christmas)

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