Choc-V's Chocolate Vitamins Review

Everybody loves chocolate! It just makes everything better; pumpkin cookies, banana bread, yogurt, all better with chocolate. And, as it turns out vitamins are also better with chocolate.

When Choc-V contacted me to review their Chocolate Vitamins I was a little hesitant because I thought there was no way that a vitamin can taste good. I thought it would be chalky or bitter, or just completely gross. But, thankfully, I was completely wrong!

I tried Choc-V's White Chocolate Probiotic. It was really quite good. Each one is a bear shaped piece of white chocolate. If I didn't know it was a probiotic, I would have swore it was just chocolate. With the many pills I have to take it is nice to have a supplement that's enjoyable.

Along with tasting good, Choc-V's Probiotic has all I need in a probiotic and it has no artificial colors or preservatives.

Choc-V Chocolate Vitamins come as a multi-vitamin, calcium, and the probiotic. They are available at several stores including, for the first time, CVS.

If you're looking for a vitamin that you don't have to swallow whole, and want to have more chocolate in your life, try Choc-V. They might also be a good way to get kids to take their vitamins.

For more info on Choc-V's Chocolate Vitamins check out or follow them on Facebook.

disclosure: I was provided with this product at no cost in order to complete this review. There was no other compensation.

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