Design Your Own T-shirts Print and Sell Them With No Cost to You, Teespring Review

Have you ever had a T-shirt design that you knew everyone would love, if you only had the money to make it?
Have you ever needed an easy fundraiser for a club or sports team?

Now you can, with Teespring. Teespring is crowdfunding for custom apparel. You can use it as a fundraiser for your kid's sports team, or club, an event, a family reunion, for your blog, or just to make some extra money.

I really wish I had this when my girls were playing softball, because it is so easy! No more running around getting quotes from different printers, and hoping you get the money back that you fronted to get the shirts made. No more of any of that mess that comes with fundraising!

With Teespring, you just design the shirt using their graphics and lettering, or upload your own design. Then, you set the price you want to sell them for and what the minimum will be that you have to sell in order to have them printed. Finally, you market your shirt in anyway you want.

When the shirts are printed, you keep all the profit, with nothing out of your pocket! It's that easy!

Here's the campaign I did with the tools on their site.

It was really a lot of fun designing the tee, and it was free to do, so there's nothing to lose.

I also have to say that I purchased something from someone else on Teespring, and I had incredible customer service, and I just love the t-shirt!

Now, go buy my shirt. :)
or just check it out at and make your own shirt.

disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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