Artsy Crafty Fashion Magazines and Ribbon, A Self Portrait

I just finished my midterm project for my Understanding Visual Art class. And, just in time for the due date on Wednesday. I'm not much of an artist, but I'm happy with how this turned out.

It's a collage self portrait! It looks just like me!

collage self portrait

Ribbon hair, a face made out of words, some pretty sparkly blue paper (just because it's sparkly and I wanted to do something with it,) and what else would you make teeth out of, but some pretty little pearls! 

Thank goodness I have a thing for fashion magazines and had all this material laying around, because hubby had to do one, too!
♪I am a material girl♪ (Madonna)

Now to clean up the mess!


  1. Such a fun way to do a self portrait!


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