Music Monday, Songs that are Stuck in My Head

It's Monday, and that means music! Let's get our MusicMonday on with some songs that are bouncing around in my head right now. These are the songs that I hear in the morning and they just seem to stick around all day.

First up, Still into you by Paramore.

An added bonus to this song is that the video makes me giggle, and ladies, doesn't this describe your love him and want to slap him in his "whole face" at the same time. Here's Pink with True Love.

And finally, the lovely Lana Del Rey with Summertime Sadness.

Have a musical week!

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  1. Ha..loved Pink. Your other picks were cool, too. Happy Monday!

  2. OK now they are stuck in mine LOL

    Have a pinktastic week ;-)

  3. Pink-love her! The other songs were new to me but got me groovin' this after noon!
    Thanks for dancing.

  4. Replies
    1. Love it! Now I'm replacing "fergalicious" with pinkalicious and singing it. :)

  5. I love all the videos you posted!

  6. LOVE all these songs. Paramore is great live, but I'd love to see Pink live!

    1. Pink is amazing! I think everyone should see her. Such a great show!

  7. Pink is definitely one of my favorites!!! The other two are new ones to me, but you're definitely ROCKIN' THE HOUSE! Thanks for joinin' us!

  8. I love your picks and I agree, they are stuck in my head too. :)
    Have a fun week!

  9. My wife and I tell each other constantly that we're going to slap each other in the whole face. And I'm constantly spelling out R.O.M.A.N.C.E. You can do it,babe!


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