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I've always had a love of the outdoors, whether it's spending time at the beach, in the mountains, or just out in my backyard, I love the fresh air. There is just something very soothing about spending time with nature.

As I've started focusing on living a healthier lifestyle, spending time outdoors has become even more important to me. Because I have psoriatic arthritis, I have to be selective on what activities I do, and have to stick mainly to lower impact that is easier on my joints. One of my favorite activities is hiking. It combines my love of outdoors with the low impact of walking. With the variance in terrain, I'm able to get a great work out by utilizing small muscles for balance along with getting my cardio steps in, and I still get the fulfillment of being with nature.

Another great activity for me is yoga. It is very easy on my joints and helps me to keep myself flexible. It also works smaller muscles as well as my core, and helps me a great stretch that really helps keep my joints from getting stiff.

No matter what I do, I always like to have my music with me, but not everyone around me wants to hear the music, so sometimes I have to wear headphones. Headphones, of course, can be annoying when you're working out because they fall out and the cord gets in your way or comes unplugged from your music device. It can be very frustrating! But, not with this technology...

Jaybird creates state of the art headphones that are specifically designed for active lifestyles. They have bluetooth technology, so no cord to worry about. And, they stay in your ear...even when you're working out! Seriously, check out some of the videos of these being used by athletes at jaybirdsport.com. I was very impressed with how well these seem to stay in.

The best part...besides the technology...you can get a pair for FREE! A pair of headphones will be given away everyday. Make sure to enter daily to increase your odds of winning.

If you're like me, you're looking at these and thinking of a few people that these will make the perfect gift for, if this is true for you, don't wait to see if you win, go ahead and buy a pair of headphones. Then if you win, just keep them for yourself!

The form to enter should pop up on your bottom right. Click the connect with Facebook button, then after you authorize the app, click it again and you're entered to win! Just remember to come back every day to enter to win a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X. Good luck!

disclosure: This is a compensated post, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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