Thor, The Dark World is a Fast Fun Ride!

I'm sure there's no question in your mind that you want to see Thor, The Dark World. So, I'm here to confirm that you are absolutely need to see this movie!

I liked this one even better than the first, because it is a non-stop ride from start to finish. I really couldn't believe that the full 2 hours had gone by. It was really that fast moving! Well, okay there is that one part where everything seemed to stop for a moment,and you heard a collective gasp from the ladies in the audience, guessed it...Thor was shirtless. Oh. My. Gosh. Those Muscles. Sigh

Oh, oops, sorry, back to the rest of the movie.

It was really very fun, and without having to explain a long back story and go into a lot of character development, it moved much faster than the first one. This one takes place 2 years after Thor left Earth. Loki has been imprisoned, and Thor is battling in the many realms to establish peace again. Meanwhile, Jane Foster is starting to date after waiting all this time for Thor to return.

Most of the action takes place in other realms outside of earth, so it has a bit of a Sci-Fi feel to it, which I really enjoyed. Along with plenty of action, there was also some comical moments, especially with the villain everyone loves to hate, Loki. Also, they do a really good job of connecting this to the other Marvel movies, by acknowledging Thor's involvement in the NY incident from The Avengers movie last summer.

I won't spoil anything with details, but this one definitely leaves us with some unanswered questions, that will surely be answered in Thor 3. Another chance to look at Thor is fine by me, and I can't wait to see what happens with...

Thor opens in Theater everywhere today, Nov 8.

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Disclosure: Admission to this film was provided for the purposes of reviewing this film. All opinions expressed are my own.

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