The Best Message of the Grammys

Last night was the biggest night in music; The Grammys. Wow! What a great show! Surprise wins, great performances, and apparently something in the air backstage. :)

We can't forget the big end to the show...who knew we would get to see so many people get married?! so very cool! Love is love and it belongs to everyone!

It's Music Monday, so let's hear some music! This week some of the songs highlighted in the Grammys that have the best messages.

First, that awesome song that so many people exchanged vows to at the end of the show.

This song is fun and tells us all to be yourself!

And, lastly the message we all need to take into 2014... Say what you want to say let the words fall out I wanna see you be brave!

Instagram Amusement From the Past Week.

A Wordless Wednesday look at the past week through Instagram. Here are some of the things that amused me.

It was nice to see my fave childhood comic is still going strong. Love Batty and Veronica!

Thanks to hubby for being so open to trying on the unicorn hat for me.

This just makes me giggle. I've seen so many food dishes with the hashtag foodporn, well this really is! LOL! #foodporn

Have a fabulous week; sing a little, dance a little, and remember to get pictures! :)
It's Music Monday, and boy have I been busy! Hubby and I got up early to hit the new Corner Cafe for breakfast. Then we roamed around the book store and Target before going to get my daughter a new sim card.

My daughter's phone was stolen when her boyfriend's car was broken into yesterday. They were walking the trails at a local park when someone smashed in his car window along with another car, and stole their bags. Unfortunately, Rose lost her phone, wallet and ipod because they were all in her purse.

The police officer told us that this was common for thieves to look for valuables in the front seat that they can easily smash and grab. They had just hit 5 cars at the park up the road. An expensive lesson for my daughter, and a terrible reminder to the rest of us to not be so trusting with leaving our bags where they can be seen in the car!

So, with all the running around done, now it's time for homework, and some blogging, (I'm very behind!). I figure this means some upbeat fun music is in order to get me through the rest of the day!

Remember this one? When was the last time you got jiggy with it?!

♪nana na na nana na♪

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Wordless Wednesday, New Things in the New Year

2014 is off to a great start. Here's a few Instagram pics from the last week.

We found a new place to shop for antiques, and got this awesome lamp!

I also got this vintage pashmina and matching 70s wrap-around pants.

I also got new glasses...which I love!

Have a great week!

2013, We Had Some Good Times, but It's Time To Move On!

2013 was a challenging year for me, with health issues, and some marriage challenges that really tested the strength of our relationship. Many of these things I would prefer to forget about and just move forward, but it is the challenges in life that help us learn and grow, so that's what I hope for 2014, a year of learning and growing as I move forward with new goals that I'm sure will bring new challenges.

As I go into 2014 I can say my marriage is strong! Though, I admit I have moments where I have to force myself not to dwell on remembering the things that hurt; if I am to move forward I must learn from the mistakes, but not dwell on them. I can't change what has happened, so over-thinking it won't help. After 21 years, I can say I love my husband more than ever, and I'm ready for the rest of our lives together.

My health is manageable. I have Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia so I have days that are bad, but as we continue the treatment those days should be few and far between. I'm learning to eat better, and to listen to my body when it says it's time to rest, I need to listen. And, I've learned that it's okay to ask for help; that there are people that care and want to help. Needing help doesn't make me less.

Even with all the challenges, there have been some great moments, these are the things I want to remember from 2013:
I met Patricia Quinn from Rocky Horror. That was fab!
My oldest daughter and I took a trip to D.C.
We spent more time outdoors, both in our yard, and hiking; including a trip to Tennessee.