Zac Brown Band Concert Was Worth the Pouring Rain

When I decided to go to the Zac Brown Band concert, I knew I would enjoy it, but I didn't expect it to be so good!

I went to the first of 2 ZBB concerts in Tampa this week. The show started late because of Severe Storm Warnings that brought with heavy winds, lightning, and plenty of rain. It was a good thing it was delayed because I was delayed getting there. I don't know what it is about rain that suddenly makes people forget how to drive but, it does, and I was stuck in the traffic caused by it. Once we arrived, we sat down in our wet seats, and watched the water drip from the failing roof over the amphitheater. We were wet, and I was starting to wonder just how much fun this was really going to be. By the time it was all over I had forgotten all about being wet, because the music was so good and we were having so much fun!

I was so impressed with the range of the music they played, and the fun they seemed to have doing it. They, of course, played the popular songs everyone paid to hear, like Toes, Lost, and Chicken Fried. Those songs were all as great as expected, but it was the lesser known and the cover songs that I enjoyed the most.

They played a great mix of Country, Bluegrass, Pop, and Southern Rock. I really liked the cover songs of Piano Man, Seven Bridges Road and Numb. Yes, that's right; this country band played Pink Floyd! We were dancing and singing along. It really was a lot of fun! It is probably one of the top 5 concerts of been to.

ZBB really put on a good show. They opened with an acoustic set, then moved into  some upbeat bluegrass and country songs before coming back from intermission with glowing skeleton outfits and gruesome masks. The reason for the costumes was for this great song; Day for the Dead.

I'm so glad I went to the Zac Brown Band Concert. It is surprisingly one of the best concerts I've been to, and I was happy to find out part of the ticket proceeds goes to charity. The funds go to Camp Southern Ground, a camp started to help children in need experience the fun of Summer Camp.

Zac Brown Band put on a great show. My only regret is that I didn't go to the second show too!

It was a rainy night, but the concert was a musical rainbow.
Zac Brown Band plays Day for the Dead


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