Life is Short, Stick Your Head Out the Window and Open Your Mouth.

Sometimes we get so busy that we start moving too fast. We're running from this to that, from here to there. We spend life in the fast lane, staring at the road in front of us. We miss all the great things going by our side windows.

Make today the day you look at everything great that's going by you. Feel the sun on your face and the air on your skin. Stick your head out the window, open your mouth and... oh, wait watch out for that bug...and that pole, and... um, never mind...just sit back and enjoy the ride! :)

Even dogs know how great the ride is!

Notice: The ride referenced here is a metaphor for life. I don't endorse taking your eyes off the road while actually driving, nor do I suggest you actually stick your head out the window of a moving car. It's dangerous, and you could bugs in your teeth. Life is also short to not have common sense. Be safe!
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