I Love Word Crimes! #MusicMonday

Weird Al has a new album full of fun twists on popular songs and, of course... some polka! My favorite song on this album is Word Crimes. It is super smart and perfect for all my fellow grammar lovers out there. If you cringe when people write "are family is..." when they really should have wrote "our family is...", then this is the perfect song for you!

It is first up on this week's #MusicMonday post.

Another fun song on this album is Tacky. And, the video is wonderfully tacky, too! I love all the celebrity appearances. They are so much fun! I'm especially delighted when Jack Black does his little skip step. It just makes me giggle.

Weird Al's Mandatory Fun is definitely worth a listen, if for nothing else then to remind us that we all need to laugh at ourselves a little more and enjoy life!

Have an awesome fun week!


  1. I love me some Weird Al! I hadn't heard his "Word Crimes" yet. Thanks for turning me on to it!

  2. Great Minds! I posted some Weird Al too. I have not heard "Word Crimes" yet. It made me laugh...literally! LOL


  3. That first one.. so Funny!! And, Amen - someone said it. Haha
    Love Al - glad to see he's still doing his thing.

  4. Oh funnn-eeee! I think my fave is "Word Crime", too. The cool thing is a "grammar snob" or "moron" will enjoy this song ~ very funny!

  5. My husband totally loves ol' Weird Al. I must admit he's pretty clever & funny! Oh Al will never retire I think! bwahahaha Great choices.


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