Birthday Celebration on a Budget, A Freebie Lover's Dream!

Last Friday was my 40th birthday. I wanted to do something to mark the occasion, but I wanted it to be very low key, and because money is very tight for us right now, I needed it to be very budget friendly.

So, I thought about it, and thought about it, and, it came to me...a treasure hunt...a freebie treasure hunt! I love free, so why not make it the focus of my day?!

Many businesses offer rewards for birthdays, and often the rewards are completely free. My mission was to find these freebies. We had a fun day, and other than gas and some drinks, we didn't spend a thing!

Here's just a few of the free things I enjoyed.

Free latte of choice at Starbucks for birthday as a rewards member, easy just use registered gift card

Sephora's Birthday freebie just for having the free rewards card, super easy, just walk in and ask for it.
Easiest of all! Show Firehouse Subs proof of birthday, get a free sandwich. No sign up needed!
Free chocolate every month with free Godiva rewards card. Easy
Sign up for Moe's e-club, get a coupon for free entree with drink purchase.


I really had a lot of fun on my birthday freebie hunt. Everybody was so friendly, and it was just a fun day! There are quite a few places that honor the whole birthday month, so I've still got some freebies out there waiting for me. I'll keep celebrating, because I'll only turn 40 once!
If you want to celebrate a birthday on a budget, try a freebie treasure hunt. Keep in mind, many places require you to sign up in advance, so check with your favorite places before you go. I'd love to hear what birthday freebies you found!

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