Celebrating with an Awesome Mix of 1974! #MusicMonday

Happy Music Monday! I had a great weekend celebrating my 40th birthday. So, I figured why not celebrate some songs that are also from 1974?! I remember when 40 seemed so old, but I certainly don't feel old. It's hard to believe I'm FORTY! Wow! I'm way too young to be 40! I've still got plenty of life in me! And, so do these 40 year old songs!

Let's celebrate, and dance!

This first one is on the Guardians of the Galaxy, Awesome Mix Vol. 1 for a reason, because it is awesome! It is Come and Get Your Love by Redbone

When talking about 1974, you have to mention the Jackson 5. Here's Dancing Machine!

This song just never gets old! The Joker by The Steve Miller Band

Okay, so I know this is another one that is featured in Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's so fun I had to include it! Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede.

Have a great week, and Keep groovin'!

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