Easy Way To Reduce Thanksgiving Stress So Your Holiday Doesn't Go Down the Drain.

Thanksgiving is coming fast. For some, this time of year is very exciting, but for others it can be very stressful. Thanksgiving is especially stressful when you're the one responsible for Thanksgiving dinner, and you want to make it perfect.

I remember one year when my mother was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Any other day of the year, it was rare to find mom anywhere near the stove, but on Thanksgiving, she sliced, diced, boiled, and baked us up a nice meal. It was always simple things, often from a box or jar, but it was always good. It is because she always kept things simple that I struggle with why she did what she did that year. I can only explain it as a result of Thanksgiving stress.

This was the year that mom, clearly stressed out of her turkey lovin' mind, decided that we were not going to have the usual turkey gravy from a jar. She decided that gravy from scratch would be much better. She had never made gravy from scratch before but she thought "how hard can it be!".

She set out to make homemade turkey gravy. She mixed the turkey drippings with flour, added some more flour and mixed it some more until she had some really nice looking lumpy gravy. No matter how much she mixed it, she couldn't get rid of the lumps.

Then she had an idea; she would just strain the lumps out. She poured the lumpy gravy mixture into the strainer and...the gravy went right down the drain!  She forgot to put a container under the strainer. She was left with was a strainer of lumps and we were left without gravy!

The moral of the story, when it comes to Thanksgiving: Don't make it any more stressful then it needs to be. Do what you're good at. It is okay to use gravy from a jar if that's what works best for you. You can always put that extra time into something you know you're good at; even if that something is putting a frozen pie in the oven. Thanksgiving is about spending time with family. The food is just what you gather around to make that happen. Thanksgiving doesn't have to be perfect to create perfect memories.

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