Rough Seas on Our Fishing Trip. #WordlessWednesday

If the owner of a fishing charter says, "are you sure you want to go out, it's not going to be a pleasure cruise out there, today!"; you may want to find something to do on land, and save the fishing trip for another day!

Beautiful sky over Gulf of Mexico
We arrived at the Tarpon Springs dock for our planned fishing trip, it was to be a team builder with my peers at work. They didn't have our reservation and said they had no plans of taking the boat out. That should have been the sign we needed to plan the outing for another day, but we were all determined to go. So, they got the boat ready and off we went. Really, how bad could it be?!
Half the group sick over the side of the boat, one fish hook in a finger, cold and windy, and no fish biting...It definitely wasn't a pleasure cruise!

It is no fun fishing when the boat feels like an amusement park ride that you are grasping at anything just to hold on!

The good thing is, I got some good pictures and it was definitely a bonding experience! Sea sickness together always brings you closer. LOL!

The waters seemed calm, at first.

Dolphin playing in the wake made it all worth it.
Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico

Calmer waters as we got back in the inlet.