Every Mother Deserves a Chance At a Healthy Pregnancy. #Commit2Deliver

I was 17. I had just found out I was pregnant and I was scared about how my parents would react. I called my stepmother for advice in how to break the news to my father. As I sat on the edge of the waterbed, my mother ran into my room, ripped the cordless phone out of my hand and began hitting me with it, while screaming that she would make me have an abortion. I pulled my knees to my chest to protect my stomach. With no sign of an end to her rage, I kicked her off me and ran out of the house.

Over the next couple days, my mother's anger continued, though there were no more physical fights, she continued the yelling attacks and emotional abuse. I was presented with an ultimatum of having an abortion or never seeing my, then boyfriend, now husband, again. Neither of these were even options I would consider. I loved my husband, and I looked forward to raising our baby together. I couldn't continue to live in this environment. It wasn't good for my or my baby's health, so I had to make a change.

With only 4 months left of high school, I went to live with my father for the first time. I moved to a new school over an hour away. It was a big change that would bring its own challenges, but what mattered most was that I was in a better environment where my unborn baby girl could grow healthy.

Being pregnant is an exciting but often scary time. Even with the best of situations, we worry about how our baby is developing and if he/she will be born healthy. I was lucky enough to have an option to improve upon my situation and get to a healthier place. I also had the benefit of having good healthcare, nutrition, and education. For many women around the world, moving to a healthier place is just not an option. They don't have healthcare options, and they lack nutrition and education.

I want this to change. Every woman in every nation deserves to have the healthcare and support they need to deliver a healthy baby, and every child deserves for their mother to survive childbirth to raise them and love them. Right now, an estimated 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die each day from preventable causes.

We can change this! We can give women around the world a chance to experience the joy of motherhood, and give children a chance to just be children.

In 2000, world leaders adopted a series of ambitious goals–the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)–including commitments to cut poverty by half, get every child into school, and dramatically reduce child and maternal deaths by 2015.

In this time, many positive changes have been made, but 2015 is here, and there is still much to be done. You can get involved in the discussion and find out how you can help to continue the momentum going at www.savethechildren.net/mdg500

We know that investing in mothers works. Maternal deaths and child mortality in the most challenging countries of the world are being dramatically cut when efforts are made to improve services for mothers and children. We need to continue invest in women and girls and ensure their protection. Our leaders need to know that this is important. All women and all children regardless of their economic situation deserve a chance. Please don't turn your back on them.

For the 1st time in human history it is conceivable that we could end preventable child deaths & eradicate hunger & poverty #MDGmomentum

We can create change!

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