Almost Wordless Wednesday, Bud Light Sent Us to the Superbowl! #UpForWhatever

It seems so long ago now, but it was only just over a week ago that I was in Phoenix for the Superbowl. I never thought I'd get to see my team play and win the Superbowl with me right there in the stands! But, it happened, and it was all free because hubby won a text to win sweepstakes from Bud Light. It all happened so fast, from finding out we won to getting on a plance 2 days later. We had fun at the House of Whatever, explored downtown Phoenix, and had a once in a lifetime day at the Superbowl!

Our Superbowl tickets, the face value? $1200 each!

Bud Light House of Whatever in Downtown Phoenix.

Shaquille chatting it up with me on the phone. :)

Free face paint outside the stadium.

Patriots take the field at Superbowl XLIX

The Halftime show was AMAZING!

I can't believe it, we won! Superbowl Champions!

What an amazing experience! I have to give huge thanks to Bud Light for giving us this experience. Take my word for it, it pays to enter sweepstakes!


  1. WOO HOO THAT'S FANTASTIC! LUCKY YOU! Hope you had a great time! YEAH!!!!!

    1. Marie, it was beyond amazing! They really took good care of us!

  2. WHAT?! That is so seriously awesome!!

  3. I'm not a football fan, but I be the atmosphere there was infectious!
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