The Rolling Stones and The Who, in the Same Year! #MusicMonday

It's Music Monday, and what a great day for music it is! Rolling Stones Zip Code tickets went on sale to the public today, and I'm thrilled to say that I got mine in the fan pre-sale so I didn't have to stress about it today. I will be going to see The Rolling Stones in Orlando on June 12th. The last time I saw them was 25 years ago and it was amazing! This time I'll have hubby with me, and it's on our anniversary, and I know it will be incredible.

So, in honor of this exciting news, here's The Rolling Stones with Start Me Up.

In other exciting news, I will be going to see The Who on Wednesday. How exciting is that?! The Who and The Stones in the same year!

Have a rockin' good week! I know I will!

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