Minions Movie Is A Rockin' Good Prequel! #Beedo #MinionsMovie

Those little yellow guys that we met and fell in love with in the Despicable Me films are back! And, in a movie all about them! Minions Movie is full of fun, giggles, E-eevil plots, musical grooves, and, of course, bananas!
Minions Movie gives us the story of the minions from their time as single cells in the ocean where they follow the biggest most evil fish, through their evolution to land dwelling henchmen. They journey through time always looking for the next master to serve. Without a proper master they are lost, so 3 minions set out on a boat to find the most despicable evil villain and finally save their tribe with a proper master.

They land in New York City and we see that it's now 1968 and the city is rockin'! The soundtrack in this movie is part of the overall fun. If I wasn't busy laughing at the hilarious fowl ups and expressions of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, I was busy dancing in my seat to all the groovy tunes from 1968. You had all the main players of the time like The Who, Beatles, and The Stones, plus more including a fun Minions version of The Monkees' song ♪Hey hey we're the minions♪.

Minions has something for all ages from that adult humor that kids won't understand to the adorable antics and personal language of the minions. It's not as good as Despicable Me, and it's not earth shattering Oscar winning drama, but it is a fun, funny prequel that ties in nicely to the rest of the Despicable Me movies.

No spoilers here, but make sure to stay after the credits for a fun musical number with the entire cast!


 Minions Movie is in theaters everywhere July 10.

 Disclosure: I attended a free screening of this movie for the purposes of this review.

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