Relax and Enjoy Trying, 5 Tips For Trying To Conceive

The other day someone told me that she went to the hospital for one thing and they told her she was pregnant. When they told her the news she responded,"You must have checked the wrong uterus! I can't be pregnant." Why was it such a surprise? She already has kids so you would think by now she would've figured out how it happens.

But, for many people pregnancy is a surprise. They aren't thinking about getting pregnant, they're just enjoying the intimate time with their partner and Bam! Pregnant! So, why does it happen so easily for some while others seem to be trying so hard to get pregnant and just can't? Well, for many it is a matter of stress. Stress takes a huge toll on the body and reduces the likelihood of conceiving. While reducing your stress isn't a guarantee of getting pregnant, it is a great place to start. Here's my best tips to reduce stress while trying to get pregnant to increase your odds of conceiving.

1. Have sex...and lots of it- So, you've decided you want to have a baby, awesome! Now you don't have to worry about remembering to take your pill, or stop in the heat of the moment to put on a condom, you can just have fun. Sex is an incredible stress reducer, a great way to increase the bond between you and your partner, and let's face it, it is the tried and true way to get pregnant...and way more fun than a turkey baster. Ha!

2. Exercise together- Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and help your body be healthier and better prepared for pregnancy. Try exercising together to further increase your bond. A great option is partner yoga which requires you to work together to support gentle stretching. Helping each other through the poses will increase your flexibility while decreasing your stress and being so close to each other has the added benefit of increasing your libido which leads right back to tip #1. rinse. repeat.

3. Put on some relaxing music and chill out- Music is a great way to relax and let yourself drift off to another time. Maybe you and your partner have a favorite song that reminds you of when you were first together, or of your wedding day; this may be just the song you need to make you forget all the petty everyday things and remind you of the happiness you share.

4. Date each other- Remember all the fun things you and your partner liked to do when you were dating? Why not do that again. Maybe it's going to the movies, or watching a sunset, or going to a dance club, or hiking; whatever it is that you enjoy doing, get out there and do it. We get settled into a relationship and forget why we got together in the first place. So, put the phones down, and gaze into each others eyes, walk on the beach, be playful and just enjoy each other. You'll be less stressed in your relationship and more likely to get pregnant.

5. Cuddle- Cuddle before to be close, relax, and be intimate, but most importantly cuddle after sex. Not only does cuddling help to maintain the intimacy you just shared, but it also keeps you lying down. This is very important because sperm are not salmon; they are not upstream swimming experts, so let's give them a better chance of meeting their destination by staying in bed. Just lay there, embrace your mate, and relax.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to relax and increase your odds of getting pregnant, and help to strengthen your relationship. But, if you do need a little extra support while trying to conceive you may want to try Astroglide TTC (Trying To Conceive).

Astroglide TTC is specially formulated for couple trying to conceive. It supports fertility and is similar to your body's natural lubricants so it gives sperm the best chance of survival while help you to be more comfortable.

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Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

Astroglide TTC™ sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine

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