10 People or Things That Deserve a Rose #FlashbackFriday

I originally created this list back in 2010 from a writing prompt as part of another post. It's funny to me to see how much has changed, but even more so, to see how much is still the same. The phone I was using at the time had a sliding keyboard on it and my baby girl had just turned 16 and was really struggling in school. Now, of course, my phone is touch screen, my oldest has a B.A. in Psychology, my youngest is a licensed massage therapist, and I still love them like crazy!  I would still hand out all these roses. Who or what would you give a rose to?

Provide roses to the 10 people or items in your life that you would like to continue a relationship with. (kinda like The Bachelor, which I don't watch, but I get the idea)

1. The first rose goes to the love of my life, my hubbybear. You are the only person I can tolerate for any real long length of time, so it must be destiny. ♪ I've looked for you forever and a day♪ (Kathy Mattea)

2. This goes to #1. You are so smart, and pretty, and I'm lucky to have you. Even if you do say the dumbest things at times, and take pictures with food hanging out of your mouth. I love you even more for it.

3. #2, a rose for a Rose, you are a beautiful, funny, smart girl who happens to be a little lazy, okay a lot lazy when it comes to school, but you are my baby girl and I love you. And, where else could I find someone that burps so loud, and rolls her eyes with such skill and attitude?!

4. Mypoints.com this one's for you. Even before you paid for referrals I loved you. You were the first rewards program I joined in 1998 when I first began shopping online, and over the years, you've given me many giftcards, so I'll stick with you.

5. My little friend, please stay with me, I love that you let me use you anywhere we go, I can always be seen touching you, especially at redlights. I feel like I'm still getting to know you.

6. Hans Zimmer, you make the best film scores, that provide me with hours of listening pleasure, although, never any lyrics, that I can use on my blog, no one would ever know what I was talking about if I just sung your instrumental stuff like this one ♪Dundadadadadundadada♪

7. Potato chips, I just can't be without you. You have to be in my life! especially, you, Sourcream and Onion! I know everyone hates the way you smell, but forget what they say, I love you anyway! ♪I don't care what they say about us anyway, I don't care bout that♪ (Weezer)

8. Camera, we are only just now getting to know each other. You came into my life at such an important time filling a void that was left by another.
9. Computer, I can't even begin to imagine life without you, okay I can, but it sucks! Together, we make such sweet music!
10. At times, I may seem irritated with you, but I really do like you. I like that you make him happy, and give me time to spend with 8 and 9, but...sometimes...sometimes, I just wish you would go back where you came from, because he's my man! mine! But, for now, I'll let you stay,  Xbox, and see where this goes.

Update: Poor hubby, he still has this old white Xbox. He really needs an upgrade.

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